We'd like to take a moment to give you a warm, hearty welcome from everyone here at Fine Scottish Hampers! We've been hard at work on our online store, which aims to bring the most wondrous Caledonian food and drink to your door step, that of a family member or one of your fondest friends. Our promise is to bring you the best experience in Scottish treats, ones you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

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Something we share with our many award-winning suppliers is a life-long passion for Scottish food and drink, where the need for great taste and exceptional cooking, baking, distilling and brewing methods are not compromised for the sake of profit, ensuring you get only the best possible choice when it comes to everything from Haggis to Highland-made truckles of cheese.


You can be absolutely certain that, bar the nevertheless great tasting bottles of champagne, everything we stock and sell with our hampers has been made in Scotland. A great deal of the ingredients are also grown by or locally to the supplier, ensuring you get the very best every time. These are some of the best artisans in the world when it comes to cooked meat, wine, cheese, beer, preserves, confectionery and more that captures the passionate drive of the culture and people it was created around.

The hampers themselves are available in three different types of packages: luxury white cartons bearing our Fine Scottish Hamper logo, magnetic gift boxes and the classic natural wicker basket - all in multiple sizes to match your order. As well as being able to make a hamper that best suits the tastes of the receiver, we've also got an expansive list of pre-made hampers, each carefully chosen to suit your specific occasion.

Whether it's a bit of bubbly and chocolate for a special birthday, a grand feast to enjoy whilst watching the Ryder Cup 2014 or just to indulge in as part of a proper Scottish celebration, you'll remember every bite and carefully savoured sip.

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We've not even gotten onto whisky yet, but rest assured we'd never be remiss in paying homage to such astonishing makers of Scotch. Having lived by the recommendations and tasting guides of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible for as long as we can remember, we've picked single malts and blended bottles that should appeal to the most dedicated collectors of extraordinary Scotch. Better yet, the same great taste of whisky can also be found within coffee, cakes, chocolates and even some scotch sauce!

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We hope each Fine Scottish Hamper, as well as the individually bought produce, becomes a source of happiness and a truly outstanding experience. Whether you're familiar with the fine taste of Scotland, or wish to be initiated to the best of its classic flavours, we want to bring it to you with a service and standard that the nation is famous for!

Blas, Seirbheis, Sàimh!

(Taste, Service, Luxury!)

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