It's been just under a week since we launched Fine Scottish Hampers, which means by now you've almost had enough time to do a complete tour of our huge range of luxury hampers; each containing their own little bit of the best in Scottish food and drink. As it turns out, the unveiling has been proceeded by one of the most exciting annual events for Caledonian cuisine lovers around the world: Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight!

Scottish Food and Drink

Taking place between the 6th and 21st of this month, these 16 days see the very best of true Scottish produce celebrated, with the country as a whole affirmed as a place of discovery and rediscovery for all kinds of fantastic food and drink. This is achieved through a nationwide calendar of activities such as in-store tastings, one-off menus, farm tours, foraging days, cooking and baking classes, food & drink festivals and even debates regarding certain culinary topics.

Organised by Scotland Food and Drink, an organisation tasked with growing the value of Scotland's food and drink industry, the event has grown wildly since its original outing in 2009. Last year's fortnight saw 320 events take place across the country, heavily growing the world's awareness of classic Scottish produce and the traditional methods behind them. The theme for this year is that of a Fortnight Food Adventure, encouraging those yearning for new tastes to experience an unforgettable tour of Scotland's salmon smokehouses, artisan cheese makers, Aberdeen Angus beef farms and whisky distilleries.

Even in our own humble hometown of Glasgow, there's no shortage of exciting events bringing out the best of the occasion. Whether it's the Scotch Lamb Street Food Festival, fortnightly specials at many restaurants around the city or the regular seasonal delight of the Glasgow Farmers' Market, you're sure to find a new favourite masterpiece from the most passionate of Scotland's local producers.

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If there is something stopping you from venturing up North this September, or if you would rather have the taste of Scotland arrive right at your door, then we at Fine Scottish Hamper are here to help you celebrate Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight with our carefully chosen selection of savoury, sweet and superbly well made morsels. and mouthfuls.

Produced in small batches in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and The Island of Arran to name a few locations, we can think of few better summations of Scotland's finest food and drink than the Scottish Contemporary Feast. This 17 item-heavy hamper offers its recipient every kind of Highland & Lowland indulgence, from familiar examples like St. James' award winning Scottish Salmon and Brodies' traditionally inspired Florie cake to more modern marvels like Raspberry infused gin from Edinburgh and Tiffin-style Free From chocolate orange slices.

Scottish Contemporary Feast Hamper

And there's plenty more where that came from. Whether it's haggis, hearty oatcakes or 100% authentically distilled Scotch whiskey, have a browse through our selection of hampers to find the one that best suits the tastes of you or the lucky person it's bound for. Remember, if you've got a craving for something far more in particular, you can create your own hamper, or pick and choose individual items from our choice of true Scottish produce.

Have you got any adventures in the calendar lined up as part of Scottish Food and Drink fortnight? You can tell us all about them at our new Facebook page, through Twitter and on Google+! For more information on Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight and events near you, head on over to the event's official website!


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