Gin has been an alcoholic tipple that has remained a favourite amongst many for years now. But in 2017, Gin has seen an increase in popularity with Gin base cocktails and high quality brands now taking centre stage at any bar. So to really impress a newly found Gin expert, only the very best Gin will do, and here at Fine Scottish Hampers, we believe that nothing will impress more than a Scottish Gin.

From Gin liqueurs mixed with exquisite fruity blends to pure Gin that delights the taste buds, our collection of Scottish Gins are a pure pleasure. Carrying the classic taste of juniper berry, but with that all important twist, our selection of Gins are the perfect gift for any occasion. To make your Gin gift even more special, we have created a range of Gin based hampers that team your favourite Scottish Gin with the very best produce that Scotland has to offer from charcuterie to silky morish chocolates. But with so much to choose from, how do you even begin creating the perfect hamper that will make the perfect gift this Christmas. Luckily we have created a list of our favourite Scottish Gin Hampers that will certainly be a treat for the eyes and the palette.


Scottish Gin Treats

Four Scottish Gins teamed with chocolate biscuits and a bar of chocolate, this hamper is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.


The Gin & Chocolate Hamper

For those who enjoy rich berry flavours, this Gin and Chocolate hamper features a bottle of Raspberry Infused Edinburgh Gin, Scottish Berries Chocolates and a Gin & Tonic Chocolate bar.

The Gin Lovers Hamper

Gin and Gin infused treats. Enjoy Gin & Tonic Salmon, Water Biscuits and two Edinburgh Gins.

The Edinburgh Hamper

All treats from the heart of Edinburgh. Whisky Cake, Whisky Chaser Chocolates, Gin & Tonic Chocolate, Shortbread, Edinburgh Tea and Edinburgh Gin.

For our full range of Scottish Gin Hampers click here.

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