whisky sauce

Packed full of rich flavours, The Whisky Company Scotch Whisky Sauce is one condiment that has become a favourite within any Fine Scottish Hamper. Made in the heart of Tayside with 100% natural ingredients, the sauce is savoury with the slight tang of Scotch Whisky that truly embodies the spirit of Scotland. Dolloped on venison, haggis and even beef, the sauce is one that you can pretty much enjoy at any mealtime, but did you know it can also be enjoyed as part of a recipe? Adding a unique depth to some of your favourite dishes, there is so much more to The Whisky Company's Scotch Whisky Sauce than simply a dipping sauce.

Warming and incredibly moreish, The Whisky Company's recipe for Salmon with a Ginger Glaze is truly magnificent. Sweet and savoury all in one with great spicy kick, this recipe is sure to turn any piece of Scottish Salmon into a dish to be devoured. Why not create this fantastic recipe during any gathering for a real crowd pleaser.

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Recipe courtesy of the Whisky Sauce Company.

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