Spring is a time when our dinner plates completely come alive with an array of different fresh produce unlike any time of year. From meats, fish, fruits and vegetables Scotland in spring is like an exclusive deli, offering the highest quality ingredients that we could possibly get our hands on.


But for many, understanding what is in season during this magical time of year can be tricky, especially with many supermarkets now making different types of Scottish food available all year round. Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we have created a list of some of the most exquisite Scottish Food to look out for as we slowly start to step into spring. So during the amazing weather, take the time to revamp your meals by making spring Scottish produce the star attraction on any plate.

Meat and Game


Spring is often the season where meat can be found at its finest. Known to most of the UK as lambing season, here in Scotland we start to turn our attention to wild Scottish venison and beef. Offering a rich and tender meat, deer is a popular choice at many roasts including the classic Easter Sunday lunch. Venison that many favour during the spring often comes from the Roe Deer that holds that sweet and succulent texture that many consider to be the most luxurious treat.

For those who prefer the taste of a more traditionally British meat, Beef offers a more dense texture that simply sings to the taste buds. From the famed Aberdeen Angus to Highland Cattle, some of the worlds best beef is enjoyed at many gatherings whether this is a formal dinner party or a relaxed barbecue offering a distinctive flavour.

Fish and Seafood


Scotland's shoreline during the spring is simply groaning with delights. Razor clams are one of the most popular finds as well and mussels and scallops making their appearance on a variety of local menus. A little further in shore, wild Scottish salmon can also be found in swarms following the country's rivers. Treasured and cared for in local smokeries, some of this award winning salmon is cured and then smoked to release a depth of flavour that you can’t beat. to To make the most out of this amazing bounty, try including flakes of fresh salmon to pasta dishes or delicately sliced in a sandwich with lashings of cream cheese.

Fruit and Vegetables


Spring is the time for iron packed greens in amongst Scotland's best vegetables. Including all of the main green super-­vegetables, chard, kale and spinach are widely available. These leafy vegetables become the main elements of nutritious salads and can even be added to stir­frys for a little added freshness. Another amazing fruity dish that never fails to please and excite the taste buds is rhubarb. Grown all around Scotland, this wonderfully tangy fruit is often served as part of a spring pudding or gathered up and turned into our favourite Rhubarb Vodka.

So this spring time, explore all that Scotland has to offer with an amazing array of in season produce that can’t possibly be replicated anywhere else in the world.

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