In the UK, it seems that no matter which county you are in, everyone has their own variation on the delicious, crumbly tea time treat that is shortbread. From the pattern placed on the top to the size of the serving it seems that no single shortbread recipe is the same, yet there is one that seems to stand out from the rest, the classic Scottish shortbread. The king of buttery biscuits it seems that everyone simply can't get enough of this traditional Scottish food, but what makes Scottish shortbread so different from other varieties? Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we are taking a look back at the history of Scottish shortbread to understand why it is so culturally significant, and if it has changed from the sweet indulgence that we know and love today.

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Coming from humble beginnings Scottish shortbread was originally created from left-over bread dough known as biscuit bread. Slowly removing the yeast and replacing with butter for a much sweeter taste, the biscuit was soon known as shortbread. Although Scottish shortbread was enjoyed by many in the 12th century the recipe soon became somewhat famous in the 16th century by Mary Queen of Scots. The queen was in love with the delicious treat and is said to have even named the most traditional form “petticoat tails”, which is cut into triangles and flavoured with caraway seeds.


Only making an appearance at very special occasions, Scottish shortbread was seen as a luxury and was often found on the menu at wedding breakfasts, Christmas dinner and Hogmanay. So special was this biscuit, that is was even seen as lucky in the Shetlands to break Scottish Shortbread over a bride's head on the entrance of her new house. Now everyone's favourite afternoon treat, the importance of the Scottish shortbread has never left the heart of the country. Available in a variety of different forms, shortbread can now be found cut into triangular segments, rounds or even fingers. The perfect biscuit for the perfect tea break.

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