The summer is nearly here, and for those that are tempted to light up the barbecue this weekend (weather permitting) its time to start thinking of some new ideas that will excite the taste buds.


Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we are passionate about incorporating delicious Scottish produce in with any social gathering, whether this is just a special occasion, a simple get together or in this case a summer barbecue. So invite your friends around, light the coals and try our five barbecue ideas with a slight Scottish twist.

1. Aberdeen Angus Burgers


A cattle breed that is seen as one of the best by many farmers, Scotland is proud of its tender and flavoursome Aberdeen Angus beef. The meat of choice on many local menus, Aberdeen Angus seems to release a delicate texture and deep rich taste when cooked over charcoal, and what better way to incorporate this into your summer barbecue that in a burger. Make your own by combining Aberdeen Angus mince from the local butcher with onion, seasoning and one egg to bind it all together, grill on the barbecue until just cooked and garnish with Morangie Brie and Sweet Balsamic Onions for a burger that is out of this world.

2. Lorne Sausage

Lorne Sausage or Square Sausage is a traditional Scottish treat often served as part of a full breakfast or enjoyed in a white bap when you are on the go. Grilled on the barbecue, this meaty delight is perfect diced and served in a salad or simply placed on top of your burger for a flavourful punch. Simply take your sliced of sausage and cook in a foiled tray to stop it from falling apart and enjoy.

3. Smoked Salmon Salad


A brilliant summer barbecue idea, light flakes of smoked salmon are perfect tossed in a salad for an ideal side dish or starter. With so many different varieties to choose from this dish is sure to capture everyone’s attention. Why not serve with a Dill Sauce for and extra depth of flavour?

4. Venison Steaks

Tender and with a much lower fat content than that of beef, wild Scottish venison is simply delicious. With a rich “gamey” taste and melt in the mouth texture, venison can be enjoyed in many forms. But for the perfect Scottish barbecue, nothing is better than a venison steak. Sliced thinly and tenderised to release its sumptuous flavours, all this amazing meat needs before it is placed on the grill is just a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Served with potato wedges and a dollop of Scotch Whisky Sauce, you will want to light up the barbecue every weekend.

5. Haggis Skewers


No Scottish summer barbecue would be complete without an appearance from the mighty haggis. Made traditionally with a blend of lamb, oatmeal and spices this amazing barbecue idea will keep your guests coming back for more. Simply squish your haggis onto the skewer tightly so it doesn't crumble away in between, mushrooms, peppers and red onions. Grill gently on the barbecue and serve with a salad and Inverness Sauce for a real treat.

So this summer get outdoors and enjoy some great Scottish food with your next barbecue.

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