Created to the highest quality, Benromach uses nothing but the finest ingredients, invaluable knowledge and patience to create one of the most exquisite whiskies to come from Speyside. A family business, starting in 1989 the distillers at Benromach were determined to offer a single malt whisky that never failed on flavour. Even during periods where the market would suggest it would be more profitable to leave the whisky for a shorter amount of time, and advertise it as a blend, Benromach refused to change their method and retain the classic taste.


Using locally grown barley and pure soft water from Chapleton Spring in the Ronarch Hills, the recipe for this superb whisky still hasn't changed. Offering a unique taste reminiscent of pre-1960s whiskies, where distillers would top up their fires with peat when coal supplies where low, Benromach still holds that classic smokiness that many distillers lost. Revealing a fruity, sweet taste with a hint of chocolate for a superb finish, every bottle of Benromach whisky is made with four generations of passion for the craft.

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Image: Benromach 10 Year Old Whisky Miniature 5CL

Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we adore the classic taste of this superb whisky. Dedicated to reviving a classic that was lost in modernity, this incredible brand's ambition has created a flavour combination unlike anything else. The perfect addition to any hamper.

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