Distilled more slowly than anyone else in Scotland, Glengoyne Whisky is carefully created by a sheer love of the craft. Formed in 1820 by George Connell who started distilling in a secret glen at Burnfoot Farm, the brand has continued to grow and grow. Buying the rights to the water at the glen and using nothing but pure knowledge and time, this whisky is one like no other. Staying true to the classic flavours that its customers simply adore, Glengoyne is fruity, rich and precise.

So what makes Glengoyne Whisky so unique? Over time the distillery has formed six key principles that it continues to abide by. The first of which is using air dried barley grown in soil that contains zero peat. This ensures that the whisky provides a smooth, unpeated flavour. Patience is the second. Known for being the slowest distillery in Scotland, each cask is given time, building on flavours slowly, then using sherry casks which have been specially seasoned over six years to supply a rich flavour. These sherry casks also provide a natural colour, as the casks are stacked three high in stone walled warehouses with earth floors to keep the temperature consistent. Finally by sticking to these traditional steps, each batch of Glengoyne Whisky is simply perfect, providing a seamless sweetness that is enjoyed by many.

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At Fine Scottish Hampers we are thrilled to be able to provide this superb Scottish whisky brand as part of our collection. Taking care in the craft and never failing to provide a consistent flavour that whisky drinkers everywhere adore, Glengoyne is a name that we are sure will be appearing in many future Scottish Hampers.

Glengoyne 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky

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