What is it about Gin that we love so much?

It was once a well-kept secret; the exclusive preserve of sophisticated women. However, in recent years a refreshing truth has been unearthed: Everybody loves Gin! This enlightenment has lead to an influx of Gin bars springing open all over the UK. In these trendy yet refined establishments, men and women of all ages gather to sample an impressive range of exciting brands and flavours.

And with good reason too! Being a neutral form of alcohol, Gin is incredibly versatile.Though despite its many variations; Gin has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, which can only mean one thing: it’s nigh-on perfect! But what is it specifically about Gin that makes it so special?

Well, there is certainly an undeniable sense of ‘je ne sais quoi’ that enshrouds the spirit. You love it, but you’re not quite sure why. We put this down to the gorgeous blend of natural ingredients that goes into making Gin - Juniper being the integral element, which is renowned for its healing properties. Scottish Gin however, takes its natural appeal to an entirely different level, using local highland botanicals when distilling the spirit.

And you may be wondering, is there a right or a wrong way to drink Scottish Gin? Many would argue yes, however we contest that as long as it’s high-quality Gin you can’t really go wrong.Either way, we have put together a list of 5 ways to drink Scottish Gin:


1 - Drink it Straight

Understandably this isn’t for everyone, though when you’re drinking something as exceptional as Rock Rose Gin, you don’t need a mixer. Just pour it over a couple of ice-cubes, or better yet some Whisky Stones so as not to dilute it, and simply savour the flavours. You can even add a slice of lemon or lime if you fancy!


2 - Gin & Tonic

This is the safest option; the legendary combination of Gin and Tonic water. This stemmed from the 19th century when British Officers in India were prescribed quinine as an anti-malarial. In an attempt to mask the bitter taste with Gin, water, sugar and lime, the famous G&T was born.


Then there’s the question of garnish; lemon, lime, cucumber or orange. Again, it’s all down to preference, but for us it’s lemon or lime, everytime.

3 - Gin Martini

A classic cocktail which will make you feel an irrefutable sense of class. Straight up gin, blended with vermouth in a glass, with your choice of garnish (traditionally Olives) There are many variations to this cocktail, however this is how we would recommend it, particularly if you’re using a Scottish Gin:


60 ml of Kirkjuvagr Gin (Refrigerated)

30 ml Dry White Vermouth

½ Teaspoon of Olive Brine

Olive Garnish

Gently blended into a frozen glass.


4 - Gin & Ginger Beer

Some people will turn their nose up at the thought of mixing Gin with Ginger Beer, but we assure you that this sensational mix is not to be snuffed at! Take a Scottish Gin of your choosing, (in this case we choose The Botanist) and gently pour it over a couple of ice-cubes in a frozen glass. Break up a few mint leaves and sprinkle them into the mix, then carefully pour a helping of ginger beer into the glass. Following that garnish the drink with a few mint sprigs - Perfect! A taste sensation.


5 - The Winter Sour

Pour your Gin into a frozen glass, over some crushed ice. Add a dash of Campari and a splash of lemon juice. Following that you want to add a drop of honey and stir thoroughly; finish it off with a sprig of rosemary garnish and voila!

Post By Rebecca Clark

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