The very nature of Scottish food lies in its traditions. We Scots have a proud history of creating dishes with distinctive cooking practices and ideals that have (and will) last the test of time. Since our launch in early September, Fine Scottish Hampers has been able to bring the extraordinary experience of local food that's been passionately produced under this ethos to many homes and special occasions. However we've yet to do the most important thing a hamper site can do; take you through a grand tour of our most favoured and fabulous food & drink-filled baskets! Before Christmas takes over, allow us to show you the great choices all ready to browse by introducing our 'Flavours of Scotland' hampers.

 The Smokehouse HamperThe Smokehouse Scottish Hamper
 Whisky Flavour HamperWhisky Flavour Scottish Hamper
 Cheese and Wine HamperCheese and wine Scottish hamper
 Just Scottish Beer Hamperscottish beer hamper

It'd be madness to deny that Scotland is home to some true delights when it comes to cuisine. Whether you like carefully cared and cured meat, cheese worthy of any board or Scotch whisky that earns its title, both regionally and as a whole we've tried to gather the very best of Scotland for thee hampers. Depending on the occasion or likely size of the receivers appetite, we have a dining choice that's going to completely redefine the way they view the cooking, baking, brewing and distillery artisans of the country.

Whether its game meat, fresh cheese, fish, biscuits, chocolate or even crisps you're thinking of filling your larder with, our careful stock of Scottish edibles includes producers and flavours you're unlikely to find elsewhere. Though not solid in a physical sense, our drinks choice is equally strong, with beautifully grown and refined juices & presse, beer and cider, unequivocal wine and, last but not least, some of our personal favourites when it comes to good Scotch.

Scottish Feast HamperThe Scottish Feast Hamper: Contains all of the Scottish excellence pictured above.

In its earlier days, Scottish food had to rely on the simplicity and quality of the food at hand to produce memorable flavour, since such luxuries like spice or seasoning were hard to come by. The temperate climate and abundance of seafood have had an obvious influence, but interestingly so has the disparity of wealth during feudal times. Though the men of high nobility feasted on boar and fowl, the everyman made do with dairy produce, which explains its heavy influence on today's Scot's dining experience.

Likewise the reliance on oat or barley in bread (prior to Sir Walter Raleigh's introduction of the potato) is measurable in our mastery of Shortbread and oatcakes. Good cultural food much akin to a mosaic, hence we tip our hat to the country's that have helped influence our cooking; the French staff travelling back and forth during the "Auld Alliance" and the reign of Mary Queen of Scots, and the diversity of food brought about by rationing during both World Wars.


If you've had a chance to experience the Flavours of Scotland through one of our hampers, then why not photograph your wee bounty and we'll happily give it a share on either our Facebook page, through Twitter or Google+; whichever you frequent!


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