Haggis is a term that many may have heard of if they have travelled to Scotland, but few still have no idea what it actually is. From just a funny saying to even a strange animal that runs around the Scottish Highlands, there are so many rumours that suggest what haggis is, it can be hard to determine what the correct answer is. Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we are going to put the record straight with our brief yet informative history of haggis and why it is so important to Scottish culture.

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What Is Haggis?

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that was originally made up of the lungs, heart and liver of a sheep. Cooked with suet, the mince was then mixed with oatmeal and encased in the sheep's stomach. Tied or stitched together to create a ball, the haggis was then boiled for up to 3 hours until it was deliciously tender and enjoyed as part of a special family meal. Now the Haggis is available with lots of different ingredients that are full of the flavour including lamb, beef and onion, without the long arduous cooking process.

Scotland and Haggis

Haggis is seen as the national dish of Scotland as it is regularly enjoyed by many Scots during the festivities of Burns Night, a night dedicated to the poet Robert Burns. After his poem Address To The Haggis which was originally released in 1787, every Burns Night it is recited with the speaker plunging a knife into the cooked haggis before it is served. This ceremony plays a major part in the entire evening as it signals the start of the supper which is enjoyed with a slither of haggis and heaps of “neeps” and “tatties” or turnip and potatoes for those who aren't familiar with the Scottish terms. This feast is enjoyed on the 25th January every year and is seen as a marvellous occasion in Scottish culture.

The Legend Of The Haggis

The haggis has been known in some parts of Scottish fiction to be a small creature that runs about the highlands with two legs shorter on one side. This helps it to run around the steep cliffs with ease but only ever in the same direction. Of course this delightful story isn't true, but it is a story that is typically stated to any visitor to Scotland with a sense of humour.

Haggis and Scottish Culture

The purpose of the haggis is for it to be enjoyed as a delicious dish, but many Scots believe that the haggis is for more than just eating. An event named Haggis Hurling is a sport that many take very seriously. The aim of the sport is to throw the haggis for as far as you can, with the current world record holder hurling the haggis an incredible 217 feet.

Macsween Haggis

Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we pride ourselves in offering this amazing Scottish delicacy that is known of around the world. The haggis that we offer is made from the finest ingredients and is also a great source of iron, fibre and carbohydrate. A wonderful accompaniment to any Scottish Hamper, haggis is also now available for vegetarians, full of wonderful flavours that are a tribute to Scotland. Now you know what haggis is, why not give it a try? We are sure that it will soon become a favourite in your household.For our full range of haggis click here.

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