Most people enjoy a tasty slice of cheese once in awhile and when it comes to high quality, Scotland boasts some of the world’s finest cheeses on offer. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply cooking for your family, there are a number of Scottish treats you can choose for a delicious cheese platter. In our exquisite range, we have a selection of award-winning dairy products to suit every taste. Remember there is no right or wrong way when creating your platter, so to inspire you, here are our tasty Scottish cheese platter ideas!

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Image: Morangie Brie 250g

Before Dinner

While it’s important not to fill up too much before a main meal, cheese can be a great appetiser before dinner. It is a good idea to offer lighter options such as brie or blue cheese to tempt the taste buds without being too over-indulgent. It is also recommended to use about 1 to 2 ounces per person with savoury foods such as nuts and chutneys.

After Dinner
Serving cheese after dinner gives you the opportunity to be a bit more free with your selection on the platter. Whether you want to offer rich and creamier flavours or mature pieces, you can cater for up to 2 ounces per person.

Family Of Cheeses
To group together similar flavours for guests to try, you can create a cheese platter with the same ‘family’ of cheeses. For example, softer combinations can be offered together such as brie and other naturally soft textures, or you can separate them with more distinctive blue cheeses.

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Image: Highland Fine Cheese Strathdon Blue 145g

Choose By Brand

You can organise your cheese platter to feature different flavours from a specific Scottish brand such as Arran or Connage Highland Dairy. This will give your guests the chance to try different flavours from a particular region in Scotland.

Separate By Texture
Another great option is to distinguish between cheeses according to their texture, which may make it easier to decide which accompaniments should go with your platter. For example, your cheese platter could consist of soft and creamy options, or a harder cheese selection such as cheddar.

Mild Or MatureTasting cheese according to the strength of flavour is a great way of determining which ones are your favourites. For example, the rich and slowly matured Waxed Truckle Of Kilbride Cheese offers a stronger taste compared to the lighter Morangie Brie.

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Image: Connage Highland Dairy Crowdie 

Whatever you’re having for dinner, a cheese platter provides a delicious accompaniment for your meal. For more ideas, you can browse our full range of award-winning Scottish cheese here.

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