While Scotland is known for many things including its beautiful scenery, bagpipers and famous castles, it is also celebrated for its fantastic cuisine and unique cooking traditions. Whether that’s traditional haggis, whisky or seafood, there are plenty of delicious Scottish treats to choose from. We are experts at locating the finest product found in Scotland here at Fine Scottish Hampers and love nothing more than to offer our customers the very best food and drink. So to treat your taste buds to a tantalising selection, here are 10 Scottish foods you must try!

1. Haggis
As Scotland’s most famous national dish, haggis has been a masterpiece for many years and is recognised worldwide as a Scottish food. It is traditionally a savoury blend of lamb heart, liver and lungs amongst other spices and oatmeal. In our range, we offer an award-winning selection including haggis and pate made from the original Stahly family recipe.

image (1)

Image: Stahlys Scotch Haggis 410g

2. Salmon

At the centre of a fine selection of Scottish seafood, salmon offers a distinctive and natural taste that will simply melt in your mouth. Our multi award winning range of smoked salmon from St. James Smokehouse is hand cured with fresh and sustainable raw materials.

image (2)

Image: St. James Smokehouse Scotch Reserve Award Winning Scottish Smoked Salmon 100g

3. Cheese

Scotland boasts some of the world’s finest cheeses including award-winning soft and hard cheeses to suit every taste. In our exquisite range of Scottish cheese, we have a choice of high quality brand names including Island Cheese Company, Highland Fine Cheese and more.

image (3)

Image: Connage Highland Dairy Crowdie Naturally Soft Cheese 160g

4. Shortbread

Scottish shortbread is a melt-in-the-mouth treat and if you haven’t tried it before, you are definitely missing out on a delicious piece of Scottish food. Hand baked with butter, sugar and flour, our irresistible choices are from Duncan’s of Deeside, Shortbread House of Edinburgh and more.

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Image: Duncan's of Deeside All Butter Shortbread 200g

5. Oatcakes

Oatcakes are a traditional savoury snack and Scottish food that are often enjoyed with sweet or savoury topping such as cheese or salmon. A true Scottish gift, they are perfect for eating at any time of day.

image (5)

Image: Duncan's of Deeside Family Recipe Oatcakes 300g

6. Tablet

There’s no doubt that Scottish tablet fudge makes a truly sweet and moreish Scottish food that is hard to resist. Crafted with its three main ingredients of butter, sugar and condensed milk based on an ancient Scottish recipe, our delicious range features brands such as the award-winning Ochil Fudge Pantry.

image (2)

Image: Deanston 12 Year Old Malt Whisky Fudge

7. Venison

One of Scotland’s most traditional meats due to being derived from the west highlands of the country, venison is cured, hot-smoked and gently cooked. It offers a rich and natural taste which is rare to find.

image (8)

Image: Rannoch Smokery Wild Scottish Smoked Venison 100g

8. Jams

Conserved in an authentic, slow boiling method in Scotland, Scottish jam is perfect for enjoying as a sweet topping or as a relish with meat. A versatile Scottish food, jam is fabulous for livening up any meal choice.

image (9)

Image: Isabella's Preserves Strawberry Jam With Pink Champagne 227g

9. Marmalade

With a range of brands including Sarah Gray’s and Isabella’s Preserves, we have a luxury range of award-winning marmalades to choose from. Induced with the warmth of orange, the marmalades are made based on old family recipes.

image (11)

Image: Sarah Gray's Orange Marmalade 300g

10. Beef

Sourced from Scottish farms, Scotch beef is a wonderful meat option that can be enjoyed as part of a gourmet sandwich or a meat platter. Cured and gently smoked, it provides a tasty game flavour.

image (12)

Image: Rannoch Smokery Dry Cured Scottish Beef 60g

Scottish food offers a fabulous choice for fine dining and here at Fine Scottish Hampers, we are experts at selecting only the best produce Scotland has to offer. For more delicious food to try, browse our full selection of Scottish food and drink here.

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