Scotland is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK. From our roaring coastline to rugged highlands, there are so many new and exciting things to explore in this country full of culture. Although endless images of Scotland's beauty often entice many to visit, there are those who always have something to hold them back. Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we have created a list of 10 reasons why you need to visit Scotland in order to reveal just how wonderful this beautiful place really is.

1. Our Beautiful Accent


An accent that is recognised the world over, the Scottish accent is a thing of beauty. Mentioned by some to sound as though we are singing, the variants in this charming accent includes soft and deep tones. The perfect reason to visit Scotland.

2. The Amazing Food

scotch haggis

How could we not mention Scotland's amazing and award winning delicacies? From the traditional fresh salmon and haggis to tablet and fudge, Scotland really knows how to create a tempting treat. Enjoyed everywhere from a summers picnic to 5 star restaurants, Scotland hosts some of the most beautifully crafted food the world over just waiting to be savoured.

3. Steeped In History


When you first step into Scotland, it is easy to see why so many return to holiday here year after year. The home to many grand architects, engineers, inventors and even poets, this amazing country displays hillsides, villages and cities full of brilliant buildings. A great place to learn as you explore.

4. The Outdoor Activities


Due to Scotland's beautiful views, the most exciting activities are met against a backdrop of pure natural beauty. From golf to rugby, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and fishing, you can soon get hooked on a brilliant sport after one single visit.

5. Wildlife


The signature of the country, one of the main reasons to visit Scotland is to see the wildlife. In areas of unspoilt natural beauty, amazing sights like the highland stag and an array of different sea birds is unlike anywhere else in the UK.

6. Arts and Culture


From amazing summer festivals, beautiful art, movie locations and a rich literary history, there is certainly more to Scotland than meets the eye. No matter what your taste, there is something for everyone within our rich culture, the perfect reason to come and explore.

7. The Scenery


As mentioned before, this truly is one of the main reasons that many flock to Scotland. Offering coasts and islands, beaches, national parks and rolling mountains, wherever you visit in Scotland you are sure to be accompanied by breathtaking scenery.

8. The Traditional Scottish Dress


No visit to Scotland is complete without at least one sighting of the glorious kilt. Adorned with the tartan of different clans, simply just learning about this great tradition is a reason to visit Scotland.

9. Bagpipes


That unforgettable sound of Scotland, the bagpipe is one instrument that everyone falls in love with. Often heard everywhere in the country from pubs to grand occasions, you haven't experienced Scotland until you have heard the bagpipe.

10. The Whisky

image (9)

Undoubtedly Scottish through and through, enjoying a dram or two of proper Scotch Whisky is an experience that everyone should take. With so many to choose from, why not try each one until you find the one you love?

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