The Scottish Gin Awards is in its second year, celebrating the innovation and excellence of gin distilling in Scotland. We’ve been following the competition here at Fine Scottish Hampers, as a few of the finalists produce some of the beautiful gins that we proudly stock.

Here’s a little look at one of those finalists, along with a few of the best gins that they have to offer.


Edinburgh Gin - Finalist in the Scottish Gin of the Year Category

Edinburgh Gin is a small-batch distiller, producing a selection of delicious tasting gins for every occasion. The team are driven to create the finest gins, using progressive techniques that set their standard incredibly high. They aspire to make a unique variety of flavours, blending gin with juniper, coriander, citrus, heather and orris root to name just a few.


Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur

Perfect for adding to a cocktail, this exquisite gin offers an abundance of flavour and aroma. The gin has been delicately infused with raspberries for a crisp and satisfying taste that will linger on the palette. The distiller has worked hard to produce a gin that captures the sweet yet dry quality of the fruit, which will taste great with soda in the summer or as a hot gin punch in the winter!


Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liqueur

Subtle yet complex, this is a floral gin that has been made with freshly picked elderflowers. Left to macerate for a month after picking, the elderflowers infuse with classic Edinburgh Gin to produce a luscious floral flavour and aroma. It tastes delicious when added to lemonade and mint, or is a great accompaniment for tonic water or prosecco.


Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur

This flavoursome gin contains freshly picked rhubarb that has been mixed with oriental ginger and then infused with classic Edinburgh Gin. These ingredients are left to settle together for 4 weeks, producing an aromatic gin that is full of intense, sweet flavour. It can be enjoyed as part of a cocktail or added to prosecco as well as ginger ale. Perhaps serve simply over ice, which will enable you to savour the delicious taste.


Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate and Rose Gin Liqueur

A sweet and fruity gin, this light and fragrant tipple will work perfectly when served simply over ice or as part of a longer drink, such as with lemonade or in a prosecco cocktail. The gin blends pomegranate seeds with damask rose petals and classic Edinburgh Gin, creating a soft floral and citrus flavour that will leave you wanting more!


Good luck to all of the finalists on the 20th September. No matter who wins, we will continue to enjoy your fabulous gins!

Post By Kimberley Roderick

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