With Easter fast approaching it is that time of year again where we can leave the guilt at the door and indulge in a few little treats. From masses of chocolates to the ever famous Easter Sunday roast, it may appear that by the end of the long weekend, squeezing back into those jeans may be bit of a challenge. In the spirit in this family celebration, here at Fine Scottish Hampers we felt that nothing would be more suitable for our recipe of the month than a proper Scotch egg.


How To Make Scotch Eggs

Often known as a picnic staple, the beauty of a Scotch egg has recently been lost thanks to the array of dry supermarket varieties. This Scotch egg recipe will make those a distant memory. Within this Scotch egg recipe, the greatest of care has been taken to ensure that every bite is packed full of those fine Scottish flavours that we all love.


  • 5 Large Free Range Eggs and 1 beaten egg
  • 300g Luxury Sausage Meat
  • 100g Stahly's Scotch Haggis
  • 75 g Fine Breadcrumbs
  • 1 tsp Original Arran Mustard
  • Vegetable Oil for Frying
  • A Pinch of Sea Salt
  • Hand-full of Chopped Parsley
  • A Pinch of Fresh Thyme

Boil your eggs in a pan of water for around 3-4 minutes for a slightly runny centre. If you prefer your eggs hard boiled, then cook for a little longer. Once they are cooked quickly transfer them to a bowl of cold water so they stop cooking any further. Peal and set aside.

Place your sausage meat, haggis, mustard, sea salt, parsley and thyme into a bowl and mix all together. This will form the delicious meaty section of your scotch egg.
In three separate bowls place your beaten eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. Roll your boiled egg in the flour, shake off the excess and start to smother on the meat mixture. The best way to do this is to create a small disc of meat and mould it around the egg. Dip it in the beaten egg and then carefully toss in the breadcrumbs. Repeat the process until all of your eggs are nicely covered.

Heat up your vegetable oil in a pan or deep fat fryer to a medium temperatue. Lower your eggs in to the oil and cook until they turn a beautiful golden brown. For an even crisper finish, place in the oven for an extra few minutes. Wait until they are cool and devour with a glass of Black Portant a dollop of Sweet Balsamic Onions and a nice wedge of Strathdon Blue Cheese. Perfect.

So this Easter ignore the traditional chocolate Easter Egg and try something new with this amazing Scotch Egg recipe.

Happy Easter!

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