With the darker evenings starting to arrive and the weather growing ever colder, there is no denying that autumn has arrived. But through all of the dull weather, this season brings with it some of the most sumptuous produce that is sure to please the taste buds. But what are the main types of delicious fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood to look out for this season? Take a look at our guide below for an Autumn rich in amazing Scottish seasonal produce.



The main types of vegtables to enjoy in Scotland during the autumn are a spectacular range of hearty root vegetables. Including pumpkins, parsnips and turnips, this amazing splendour can be enjoyed as a vegetable bake or simply whizzed up into a warming soup. For a soup with a little added twist, we simply love crumbling in some Highland Fine Cheese Strathdon Blue to create a wonderful creamy texture.Leafy greens also make an appearance this type of year, with iron rich kale being readily available, a healthy addition to a roast dinner or a few slices of smoked venison.

Fish & Seafood


Rich meaty fish and seafood makes a great addition to any dinner table this year with Lobster and Razor Clams being a firm favourite around Scotland's coastline. Why not try these in a hearty fish stew served with Duncan's of Deeside Family Recipe Oatcakes for a real depth of flavour.

Meat & Game


Game Birds are incredibly popular in the autumn, with duck, grouse and pheasant all readily available around Scotland. Autumn also marks the start of the red deer hind and roe deer doe season making venison the perfect rich smooth meat ideal for any Autumn recipe. Perfect served as part of a charcuterie board or simply enjoyed in a sandwich, our range of delicious reed deer venison from Rannoch Smokery is the perfect Scottish seasonal meat that the whole family will enjoy.

What To Drink?


With all of this amazing Scottish seasonal produce, nothing is better to accompany autumn than delicious Scotch Whisky, Scottish Gin and Wine. All offering the same warming after taste with bold notes of peat and autumnal fruits, this incredible selection will take pride of place on any mini bar shelf this autumn. Why not try all of these brilliant blends within our selection here.

So this autumn make sure you make the most of all that Scotland has to offer with this incredible collection of Scottish seasonal produce.

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