Seen as one of the most sophisticated of drinks, here in Scotland our lavish array of Fine Scotch Whiskies aren't something that should be drunk in haste. Carefully crafted to behold some of the richest of flavours, fruity notes and a smooth finish that lingers on the palette, the least we can do to pay tribute to this elegant drink is to enjoy it the correct way. But which is the correct way? Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we have created a definitive guide to enjoying Scotch whisky, to help bring out its incredible finish so you will never want to drink it any other way again.

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Finding Your Favourite Scotch Whisky

Like the uniqueness of the drink itself, all Scotch whisky drinkers prefer their tipple a little differently from a heavily peated smokey after taste to a lighter un-peated edge. This is why it is crucial to find the perfect balance of flavours that you personally enjoy in order to savour the king of drinks. Take a look at our list of some of the finest Single Malt and Blended Scotch Whiskies available and see if you can find one that will tempt your taste buds.

Choosing A Glass


There are many different drinking vessels to choose from when savouring a delicious swig of whisky, but in order to maximise the flavour it is advised to use a glass or crystal tumbler or a speciality whisky sniffing glass. Choosing glass instead of other materials means that the flavour of your Scotch won't be tainted by certain chemicals leading to a much more crisp aftertaste. The tulip shape of a sniffing glass also allows the flavours to delicately reach the nose as you drink, ensuring that you get the most flavour. These glasses are also great for any whisky connoisseur as they allow you to smell the whisky and excite the senses.

What To Add?

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Due to many new variations of whisky based cocktails, many now prefer to mix their whisky with other soft drinks. But if you are seeking the true taste of Scottish whisky, nothing makes the king of drinks taste better than just a teaspoon of water. This helps the whisky to release its signature aroma and bring out the different distinct levels of flavour that only come from years of master craftsmanship. For those who love the idea of a chilled glass of whisky, but don't want to water down the taste with ice cubes, whisky stones are simply perfect. A great method to ensure that you get the most out of your Scotch Whisky.

And there you have it, a concise guide on how to drink whisky, showing that a little preparation goes a long way when enjoying a fantastically crafted product.

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