The Rugby World Cup has nearly arrived, and here at Fine Scottish Hampers we can't think of a better excuse to break out fabulous food and drink in preparation for some brilliant matches. But whether you are throwing a party or simply just sitting back and relaxing with a few snacks, it is hard to decide what to have.


Luckily we have created a list of our brilliant array of Scottish snacks to enjoy this Rugby World Cup, so each match is accompanied with bold flavours and textures, to make every moment enjoyable. So no matter what you are doing this Ruby World Cup make it extra special with Fine Scottish Hampers.

Mackie's Of Scotland Haggis Crisps

haggis crisps

The perfect treat to enjoy during the Scotland Ruby World Cup fixtures, these tangy and savoury crisps are packed full of classic haggis flavour. Enjoy on their own or with a dip for the perfect crunch.

Mackie's Of Scotland Scotch Bonnet Crisps

scotch bonnet crisps

Spicy and including the perfect chilli kick, these crisps are sure to enliven your taste buds. Joined with a cooling dip and maybe even a sandwich or two, these crisps are simply delicious.

Stag Gourmet All Butter Cheese Straws

image (69)

Rich indulgent cheese straws that offer a light flakey texture, these are perfect for dunking. Made with goats cheese and finished with Aryshire Bonnet, these are the perfect accompaniment to any Ruby World Cup Party.

Duncan's Of Deeside Oilve Oil Scottish Oatcakes

image (70)

Forget your typical cheese and crackers, these delicious oatcakes are beautifully crafted with olive oil and made to a family recipe. Loaded with meats, salmon or cheese, these are crumbly light and delectable.

Duncan's Of Deeside Chocolate Chip Scottish Shortbread

image (68)

For those who fancy something a little sweet during the Rugby World Cup half time, look no further than some classic Scottish shortbread. Available here with delectable chunky chocolate chips, shortbread is deliciously creamy and crumbly. Perfect enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.

Fyne Ales Scottish Jarl Beer

image (71)

What better way is there to accompany all of this delicious Scottish food than with a cold glass of Scottish ale. Made by one of the finest breweries in Scotland, this heavenly mix is simply perfect for the Rugby World Cup.

So this Rugby World Cup celebrate in style with brilliant snacks from Fine Scottish Hampers.

For our full collection of snack foods click here.

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