Whisky drinking has now become a passion for many. The different varieties, notes and blends really make whisky tasting a varied experience as much so as drinking different types of wine. Each and every whisky drinker has a different palette, and each will enjoy a whisky in their own way to suit their taste. So of course it shouldn’t matter what vessel you drink your whisky from right? Wrong.

If we are to look at the whisky making process, it is as much of an art form as any other creative food and drink preparation process. The time and skill that goes into making a product is represented in its flavour, colour and other properties that make it a simply glorious thing to behold.

Interestingly, the type of vessel that a beverage is served in is designed to help enhance the experience, by almost sculpting how the notes surround your senses as you lift it to your nose and take a drink. It is due to this that fine dining restaurants will have a selection of glasses on the table depending on the type of wine that the customer may be enjoying with their dinner.

A red wine glass is much more domed, allowing the air to circulate through the rich body helping to lift it whereas a white wine glass is much more straight shaped. Whisky drinking is the same, depending on how you like to enjoy your whisky there are different types of glassware that you can select to help you enjoy the best aspects of your favourite dram.

So what type of whisky drinking glassware is available and how do you know which one would suit you the best? There are three main varieties of whisky glass each holding its own special properties.

Glencairn Whisky Glass

We’ll start with the classic whisky tasting glass that you may have seen at distilleries. With a narrower opening and tulip bulbed base, the Glencairn Glass is designed after nosing glasses used by distillers to check for quality. The narrower opening is designed to intensify the scent of the whisky so that all of the elements can be picked up and enjoyed before you drink. This is perfect for delicate whiskies or those that aren’t so heavily peated.

Canadian Whisky Glass

Specially designed so that you can enjoy the rich, oak scent of Canadian whisky, these glasses have an hourglass shape and can be used for neat whisky or whisky based cocktails.

Glencairn Copita Nosing Glass

With a long stem and narrow opening, this small glass allows you to really enjoy the scent and deep aromas of whisky as you drink. A great glass that is ideal for those sampling a whisky for the first time.

Old Fashioned Whisky Glass

A classic tumbler glass that has a wider brim, this whisky glass is a standard glass that can be used for many different types of whisky including cocktails. A glass to enjoy your favourite whisky neat, on the rocks or as part of an old fashioned cocktail.

So in summary there are so many different glasses that we can use to enjoy our whisky in a way a that cup or mug simply will not do. If want to enjoy whisky and appreciate the craftsmanship, then always choose a glass.

Post By Ed Mason

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