Priding itself on supplying the smoothest most tempting Organic Rhubarb Vodka, Lyle's Organics has continued to grow and grow, but it all started at the shores of the Loch Ness.image (26)

A famous landmark that is known world-wide to be the home of “Nessy” the Loch Ness Monster, Lyle Organics family owned farm was established in 1992. Taking the bold leap into organic farming in 2000, the farm planted its first rhubarb plants in 2000 hoping to supply everyone with this Scottish grown delicacy. The idea for Lyle Organics Rhubarb Vodka came two years later after the demand for these small token gifts exploded due to the sweet luscious taste of every sip.

rhubarb-318217_1280Every drop of Lyle Organics Rhubarb Vodka is made from the plants grown on the farm. The rhubarb is picked just at the right time to supply a more sweet rather than bitter taste. Made without any fruit concentrates, artificial sweeteners or colours, the rhubarb delicately sits on the palette leaving a satisfying aroma that isn't over-whelming like other brands of its nature.

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Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we have travelled all over Scotland to discover the great tastes and flavours that the country has to offer. We are thrilled to be able to make available a product that is made with the finest ingredients to supply you with impeccable quality and enjoyment.

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