Taking their inspiration from many of Edinburgh's famous landmarks from the Royal Mile to the Rail Bridge, the makers at Edinburgh Gin pride themselves on offering a unique taste of the capital. Sticking to one simple distilling method and the finest ingredients, this popular brand are able to produce a superb gin of the highest quality time and time again. Rising ever more in popularity above other larger distilleries, the question has to be asked; what makes Edinburgh Gin one of Scotland's Most popular drinks?

Steeped in history, the little Edinburgh distillery can be found nestled beneath the stairs at 1a Rutland Place in the heart of the city, home to two large stills affectionately named Flora and Caledonia, one tall and thin and one short and round. Both creating a unique variety of gin which are then blended with juniper, coriander, citrus, heather and orris root to create the glorious variations that we stock today. Packed full of magic each tipple of gin is smooth and luxurious making it one of our favourites to include in some of the most extravagant hampers for a true taste of Scotland.

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Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we are proud to be able to stock such a beautifully made Gin right from the beating heart of Scotland's capital. Available in a blend of different flavours every lovingly made bottle of gin is delicately crafted to suit any occasion. Enjoyed in the midst of winter or even gently sipped under the summer sun, nothing accompanies a plate of Scottish treats better than the delectable brand that is Edinburgh Gin.

Raspberry Infused Edinburgh Gin

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Made using locally sourced raspberries, Edinburgh Gin and pure cane sugar, this variety offers a delicious fruity undertone that lingers on the palette. A deep tart taste that everyone adores.

Elderflower Infused Edinburgh Gin

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Crafted with hand-picked elderflower berries, this gin is wonderfully sophisticated. With hints of pear, peach and grapefruit this flavour is light and fresh.

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