Cheese-making is an art form that is enjoyed by many all over the world, and here in Scotland we simply can't get enough of it. From offering a huge variety and experimenting with different methods and flavours, here at Fine Scottish Hampers, we believe that Scottish Cheese is certainly something that just needs to be experienced by all. But not all Scottish Cheeses are as well regarded in the industry as the awarding winning Connage Highland Dairy.

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Image: Connage Scottish Crowdie

A family run business, Connage Highland Dairy is owned by two brother's Callum and Cameron and their wives Jill and Eileen. The business prides itself on being organic and producing fully traceable cheese that has won them multiple awards. Using milk from their very own organic dairy herd,these happy cows are allowed to graze in clover pastures helping to produce a delicious flavour that simply cannot be matched. With all of this wonderful attention to detail from the fields to the cheese dairy, it is easy to see why Connage Highland Dairy is renown for creating innovative creamy soft cheeses and delectable hard varieties.

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Here at Fine Scottish Hampers we are thrilled to be able to offer such a wonderful cheese that has been made with the greatest of care, from one of Scotland's most prestigious dairies. Offering the highest quality of care to all of their animals and carrying their passion right through to the finished product, Connage Highland Dairy Cheese is sure to take pride of place in any hamper.

Organic Scottish Crowdie

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A deliciously soft and spreadable cheese, this Crowdie is made without any added cream, perfect served with water biscuits or oatcakes. Multi-award winning, this cheese offers a clean fresh flavour that is simply unbeatable.

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