The best thing Scottish food, undoubtedly, is that it's for everyone. Regardless of whether your tastes are more savoury than sweet, or more liking to whisky than wine, the hamper made just for your special someone sits with dozens upon dozens of choices. Hampers make great gifts for friends, but perhaps even more so for family, so for this entry in the Fine Scottish Hampers blog we're listing our best gift ideas for each and every member of the family.

A hearty Scottish meal for Dad, and a bonnie sweet treat for Mum

 scottish meat hamper scottish sweet hamper
The best way to affirm a father's manliness or to make mum feel special, a hamper can contain those rare Highland delicacies that always enjoy immensely, but never have the chance to do so often. For the man who enjoys a great tasting bit of meat and more besides, the Hearty Hamper grants the head of the household (a ceremonial title, of course) two choices of proper smoked Scottish beef and venison, with cheese, chutney and a belgian dark chocolate treat. For the lady of the house, our Scottish Sweet Tooth Hamper fufills its sugary promise will ample choices of Artisan chocolate bars, Scotland's finest fudge & tablet and a bottle of delicious, locally produced fruit juice.

A mild mix or spicy serving of snacks for a wee lass or lad

 scottish cheese hamper scottish spicy hamper
When your son or daughter is a bit too young to have their own supply of Scotch whisky or bottle of gin, there's still plenty of choices for them among our non-alcoholic hampers. We've picked two hampers that cater to two different growing tastebuds; the Cheese & Mustard Hamper, which aside from a bit of Henshelwood Cardoman mustard, doesn't test too much with its mix of smoked/black peppercorn cheese, and traditional handmade oatcakes. The Spicy Snack Hamper is a whole different story: said mustard is now joined with the challenging injection of chilli, into cheese, crisps and jam, and there's a jar of hot banana chutney (That's right!) just for good measure.

A gin and/or beer parting gift for the departing Uni student

 beer gin and chocolate
It's always with a heavy heart that a parent has to let their son or daughter head into the wider world and it's academic arms. For the Scottish this is an especially sad ritual, at least when the child is leaving Scotland - nothing short of a tragedy! However, no matter the destination, you can make sure your young man or lady has spirits a plenty, either with the wealth of terrific Scottish bottles in our Brewery Hamper - with a bit of whisky cake and chocolate on the side - or a sweet tasting serving of Edinburgh Gin & Chocolati chocolate...

A nice round of tea & shortbread for nan, bottle of whisky for grandad

 scotch whisky hamper scottish tea hamper
And lastly we come to two of the best members of the family to buy for. Whether it's your old man or your beloved grandmother, we think these two hampers carry just the right ingredients to grant a warm smile (and maybe a bit of sharing...if you're lucky!). The Whisky Present Hamper is our ultimate little treat for a fan of true scotch, accompanying a fantastically blended bottle of Monkey Shoulder with 'whisky stones'; ice-like rocks that keep your dram cool without diluting the flavour. For nan meanwhile, we have a rousing Basket of Tea & Coffee from Brodies of Edinburgh, and from the same region's finest Shortbread House are two boxes of delicious, crumbly biscuit treats.

Remember, if there's nothing here that quite meets the needs of your desired familial gift, you can Create Your Own Scottish Hamper with a superb choice of luxury gift boxes and wicker baskets.

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