Our Guide to Whisky Distilleries in Scotland

Tuesday, 18th of February 2020

Scotland has a long and rich history of producing high quality, world-renowned spirits. The earliest documented record of distilling in Scotland in 1494 is an entry in the Exchequer Rolls lists. The increasing popularity of Scotch saw the first taxes being

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Why do we Celebrate The Burning of the Clavie?

Friday, 10th of January 2020

What is so special about the 11th of January in Scotland? Well, on this day, The Burning of the Clavie takes place. This ceremony was once declared as ‘superstitious, idolatrous and sinful’ and ‘an abominable heathenish practice’ but has since become

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How to Create the Perfect Christmas Hamper

Wednesday, 27th of November 2019

Christmas is a time for indulgence and what better way to celebrate this than by a gift hamper filled to the brim with tasty treats. Not only are they delicious, but hampers can also be a thoughtful and personal gift as you tailor your hamper to suit the giftees'

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Does The Type Of Glassware Matter When Drinking Whisky?

Thursday, 31st of October 2019

Whisky drinking has now become a passion for many. The different varieties, notes and blends really make whisky tasting a varied experience as much so as drinking different types of wine. Each and every whisky drinker has a different palette, and each will

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10 Terms Every Whisky Drinker Should Know
Friday, 27th of September 2019

Whisky drinking is now seen as much of an art as wine tasting in recent years. With so many different varieties, distilleries and blends, many groups enjoy whisky drinking as a social hobby to really taste the unique flavours and compare notes. For those who

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The History of the Hamper
Monday, 5th of August 2019

We all love to receive a gift hamper, filled to the brim with lovely treats that we may never otherwise think to purchase. It’s a great way to show someone how much you care, as well as the perfect way to taste delicacies from areas far and wide that we

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