Like many different countries, Scotland is a land filled with ancients myths and legends that have been kept alive for centuries. Part of the Scottish culture there are a few that are still debated to be true to this day, with some even convincing those overseas. Here at Fine Scottish Hampers, we believe that these great stories are part of what makes up this amazing landscape, so we have compiled a list of 6 amazing Scottish myths and legends that show off Scotland's wonderful culture.


1. Kelpies

A mythical creature, the Kelpie is a supernatural water horse who lives in the lochs and rivers around Scotland. The legend goes that the Kelpie lures its victim in by disguising itself as a lost pony and encourage hikers and walkers to ride it. Once the victim is on their back the Kelpie runs into the river or loch taking the rider with them to live under the water forever. The legend also inspired the 30-metre high horse-head sculptures that stand next to a new extension to the Forth and Clyde Canal.

2. Selkies

A famous mythical creature, the Selkie is almost a type of seal mermaid, that can transform itself from a seal into a human and back again. Originally from the Shetland Islands, one mythical tale claims that a man stole the skin of a female Selkie and forced her to be his wife. Years later she found her skin and formed back into a seal returning to her home beneath the sea.

3. Wulver
A Scottish Werewolf that roams around the moorland. This Scottish legend is known for leaving fish on the windowsills of poor people as an act of kindness in the middle of the night.

4. The Brownie

A Scottish brown house elf that inhabits houses and helps out with everyday chores at night so it cannot be seen. The brownie often receives small favours of food as a token of gratitude from the home owners, but will leave if their owners misuse them or take them for granted.

5. The Loch Ness Monster

Possibly one of the most famous legends that is known around the world, the Loch Ness Monster is one Scottish myth and legend that has astounded everyone who has ever come across it. The first sighting of this mythical creature was in the 6th century where a dinosaur-like creature was seen jumping out of the lake and eating a local farmer. Since then blurred photos of “Nessie” have been taken which shows a long neck and head poking out of the water and disappearing again. The Loch Ness Monster has even been said to have been spotted on Google Earth with lots of documentaries debating the existence of this strange creature. A Scottish legend that has divided many.

6. Shellycoat

A harmless name, but with a scary past. The Shellycoat is a Scottish bogeyman who haunts the rivers and streams around the land covered in shells. When you hear the distinctive rattling of the shells you know that the Shellycoat is on the move. A creepy Scottish ghost story.

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